How to Not Fight with Your Feeding Pump When Using Home-Blended Food

We had been struggling with feeding pump issues for literally years. WHY had I never heard of this solution before?! Now, after one simple post on a Facebook parent group for Tubie parents (parents of kids who have a feeding tube), I discover that there is a simple hack that makes blended food get along with my son’s EnteraLite Infinity pump SO much better than before!

If you home-blend food for your Tube-fed kiddo, or if you use a real food-based product such as Real Food Blends that is thicker than formula, there is a simple trick that helps the food to flow through the pump without so many issues and “No Flow In” alerts, clogs, etc. It’s called, “Modifying the Feeding Bag!” You can simply do a google search for “How to Modify the Feeding Bag for an EnteraLite Infinity Pump” and then scroll down to ALL the youtube videos of other Tubie moms and such showing you exactly how to do this simple hack! We have been doing it for a few weeks now and it has been a GAME CHANGER!

Here is one of the many videos that will show you the trick: